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We had our website updated in May 2015, and filed all previous news stories in this blog post. New news stories will be logged as new blog posts.


Archived News:


December 2014
Two new channels, Irish TV and ITVbe on 11344 H 27500 and 10758 v 22000 respectively will be available this month
but Enca Africa is now off air.
5*+1 has changed frequency to 10962 H 22000.
STV and UTV are now broadcasting in HD

November 2014
BelieveTV is now to be found on 11390 V 27500
Bet +1 has now gone

October 2014
Word TV moved to 11681 V 27500

August 2014
New Christian Channel: ACBN TV from Nigeria 11343 V 27500

July 2014
Russia Today has changed frequency to 12552
and Fitness TV has been renamed FAB TV
Inspiration TV is now back on air
Smooth Radio has changed frequency to 11585 H 22000
CNN changed to 12520 V 22000

June 2014
INSPIRATION is still off air due to OFCOM
This is now the second Christian channel that OFCOM have taken off air in the last six months.

TP 11585 Hor 22000 5/6
started on 24th June and has the following channels
UCB channels BIBLE, UK, Insp, Gospel, Ireland
Classic FM, XFM, Gold, Capital FM
Record TV, The Boutique

May 2014
The following radio stations have all changed to:
11681 V 27500
R9 Rainbow
R31 Absolute 80’s
R32 Jazz FM now
R33 Solar
R34 Liberty

April 2014
Faith World, KICC and OHTV have all moved to a new frequency of 11681 V 27500

February 2014
Flow TV. New channel can be found on 11389 V 27500

January 2014
Sonlife has a new frequency 11389 V 27500

December 2013
S4C has changed frequency.
It is now 11345 V 27500

October 2013
As far as we can understand there has been a major legal dispute between the two satellite owners at 28 degrees.
The result has been hundreds of channels been moved from one satellite to another.
Sadly to complete the move they have all been moved TWICE! Once in late September and again in early October.
44 channels on Christian TV sat boxes are affected.
The final change happened on 4th October and we are proud to say that by 5th October we have the new channel list.
Please click here to see the new list. Channels affected in light blue.
Do contact us on 01449 73 73 77 if you need help to update your sat box, there is a charge for those not on our Care or Update schemes.

September 2013
GOD TV is moving to 11259 V 27500 2/3 PIDs 2379/2380/2379 and showing now with ID 52126
NEW in September or October is a new Christian channel……
Arise TV from the same camp as Faith & Believe TV
until this comes we are showing Klear TV in its place 11222 H27500 2/3

August 2013

WORD TV has moved to 11390 V 27500 2/3
INI Inspiration has moved yet again now 11307 H 27500 2/3 PIDs 2312/2313/2312 ID 52290
Vintage TV is moving to 11260 H 27500 2/3 ID 52180
PCNE Chinese is moving to 11259 V 27500 2/3 ID 52118
SC4 has moved to 11527 V 27500 2/3
Arise News is off air so we have replaced it with
TVC News 12608 H 27500 2/3
Revelation has no audio on some units, so just arrow up and down and sound should restore
We have added the following channels
ABN TV 11260 H 27500 2/3 African
ABP News 12559 V 27500 2/3 Indian
News 18 11344 V 27500 2/3 Indian

July 2013
Inspiration has moved to 11262 V 27500 2/3
BEN has moved to 12643 H 27500 2/3
Solar Radio now 12608 V 27500 2/3

June 2013
Arise news added 12557 H 27500 2/3

April 2013
Showcase and Showcase 2 have changed to 11344 H 27500 2/3

November 2012
GOD TV moved to 12643 H 27500 2/3
TBN moved to 11259 V 27500 2/3
INI moved to 12643 H 27500 2/3
OHTV [Open Heaven TV] moved to 12560 H 27500 2/3

CCTV9 moved to 12643 H 27500 2/3

All BBC radios now on 10802 H or 10788 V both 22000 5/6

We have added
Fitness TV 12559 V 27500 2/3
Renault TV 11259 V 27500 2/3

October 2012

some BBCs have changed main changes are
BBC News 24 swapped with BBC ALBA
BBC3 and BBC4 plus BBC NE&C all changed frequency
BBC News 24 10816 V 22000 5/6
BBC ALBA 10802 H 22000 5/6
BBC3 & CBBC 10817 V 22000 5/6
BBC4 & CBeebies 10772 H 22000 5/6
BBC NE & C 10802 H 22000 5/6

Gospel channel moved to 12523 H 27500 2/3

August 2012
Africa channel moved to 12608 H 27500 2/3

July 2012
Wonderful & OBE removed from our list as still not broadcasting
Africa Channel added 11264 H 27500 2/3 and
Africa Channel +1 added 12608 H 27500 2/3
BBC Olympic Channels
BBC have added 24 satellite channels for the Olympics
There are 8 channels on each frequency
10876 V 22000 5/6
10920 H 22000 5/6
11469 H 27500 2/3

June 2012
S4C (Welsh) moved to 12051 V 27500 2/3
Showcase 2 added 12561 H 27500 2/3

May 2012
OHTV moved to 11259 V 27500 2/3
Vintage TV has moved to 12643 H 27500 2/3
EWTN has moved both TV and Radio to 11260 V 27500 2/3
this is to make way for Olympic broadcasts.
VOX Africa has moved to 11622 H 27500 2/3.
OBE and Wonderful are not broadcasting.
We have added True Entertainment 11307 V 27500 2/3.
We have now removed Wonderful and moved OHTV to position 14.
We have also added the Wedding channel to our sat boxes at No 59
11342 H 27500 2/3.

April 2012
OHTV (Open Heaven TV) moved to 11661 H 27500 2/3.
Showcase +1 added 11663 H 27500 2/3.
Radio Caroline moved to 11428 H 27500 2/3.

March 2012
Community channel moved to 12207 V 27500 2/3.

January 2012
Channel 5 has added Channel 5 + 1 both are on 10964 H 22000 5/6.
Channel 5 having changed TP to join 5+1.

December 2011
Daystar has moved for the second time in 6 months to 11261 H 27500 2/3.
We have added Showcase TV to our channels 11259 V 27500 2/3.
Channel 4 HD has moved to 11156 V 22000 5/6.

November 2011

GOD TV has changed from 4/3 to 16/9 screen ratio.
This will result in black bands left and right of screen on some programmes.
Do not adjust your TV, this will gradually be corrected by GOD TV.

October 2011
NHK World the Japanese Channel has changed name to CBC World and now on 11526 V 27500 2/3.

September 2011
BBC News 24 has changed to 10802 H 22000 5/6.

August 2011
TP 11643 has moved to TP 11307 V 27500 2/3. This affects True Movies, Pop, Pop Girl, Tiny Pop, KIX!
and gives a much better quality signal.

June 2011
Daystar has moved to a better TP 11307 H 27500 2/3.
Also Daystar now broadcasts from 5am to 8am on Normal TVs Freeview channel 47.

March 2011
Create and Craft, Ideal Word and Ideal Extra have all moved to 11308 H 27500 2/3.

February 2011
ITV has introduced ITV1 + 1 10891 H 22000 5/6.
Vintage TV has changed to 12523 V 27500 2/3.

December 2010
Olive TV, a Christian station, has started 11261 H 27500 2/3.
Euro News has changed to 11343 V 27500 2/3.
SC4 has reduced from two to one TV channel.
Community has moved to 11471 H 27500 2/3.
Luxe TV has renamed itself Luxury TV and is one of just a few also broadcasting in high definition.
DBN has stopped broadcasting.
OBE remains on air but now at the end of our list of channels. 11424 V 27500 2/3.

November 2010
BBC 1 East (W) now 10772 H 22000 5/6.

18 October 2010
Some BBC channels have changed frequency.
Click here for channel list to see details.

4 October 2010
Faith TV +1 has been replaced by a Sikh Channel. Please delete this channel No 12 on our listings.

October 2010
KICC has moved to the same frequency as Faith World TV 12561 H 27500 2/3.

September 2010
Faith World TV has moved twice in the month. Final frequency 12561 H 27500 2/3.
We have added Vintage TV 11223 V 27500 2/3 this is for the over 50s and shows lots of old adverts and music videos. Sky 369.
We removed all CBS channels as some showed content not suitable for Christians.
Teachers Channel has stopped as has Channel M and O Music.
OBE has been off the air almost all month so we removed it too.

August 2010
Film 24 now has some content we consider inappropriate for Christians,
we have therefore replaced it with CBS Drama on 11343 V 27500 2/3.

ATN Bangla has changed frequency to 12561 H 27500 2/3.

July 2010
Rural TV no longer broadcasting own channel but now shows on Horse and Country channel 56.
FOBO Movies (African) stopped, so we have replaced with Vox Africa at channel 67.
Create and Craft, Ideal World have moved to 11307 V 27500 2/3.

June 2010
GOD TV will be changing frequency to 11661 H 27500 2/3 on 24/06/2010 this frequency should be available for about 10 days prior to the change when GOD TV will be dual illuminating – that is broadcasting the same info on both frequencies.
UCB TV remains at 11224 H 27500 2/3 but you will need to move on and off the pictures to restore it.
Those with GOD TV small Technisat box will need to retune it, also for those with TM2500 and TM4100.
Thomas Cook has become a pay channel. We have replaced this with the FOOD NETWORK 11342 H 27500 2/3.
Welsh Channel S4C-2 has moved to 11305 H 27500 2/3.
AIT is now a pay channel so we have added FOBO Movies in its place 11424 V 27500 2/3.

May 2010
TBN changes to 11661 H 27500 2/3 on 06/05/2010

March 2010
OBE has been removed from Sky listings and is now a shopping channel on our boxes.
OBE will be sadly missed, we hope they return soon. You may wish to delete this so nothing bad appears here.

From 1st April GOD TV will introduce a new super channel on GOD TV and God Europe will cease.
That means channel No 1 on our box will go blank. Channel No 2 should be unaffected

Revelation TV and Genesis TV become one channel also at that time. No 4 Genesis TV will become blank
No 3 should stay the same. We congratulate Rev TV on their live programming and strong UK content and are grateful to them for showing our new weekly magazine style 10min program “OUT OF THE BOX” showing what God is doing in the UK.

We suggest you delete channels 1 and 4 after the change making 1 God TV 2 Rev TV 3 UCB TV
Instructions on how to do that are on the support page. Just select your receiver from the list. Click here.

Those with TM5200 should email for the update file.

This item was posted in late March. Until the actual change we will not know the effect of these changes. We will therefore be opening specially on Easter Bank Holiday 5th April in case help is needed. call 01449 73 73 77

Other possible channels affected. God TV and REV TV could go black if so, when TV on full screen, arrow up wait 3 secs arrow down back to the channel and it should restore.
Other channels that could be affected are TBN on same frequency as God TV and Gospel TV and Rural TV on same freq. as Rev TV

Sky users, as we understand it, 581 will move to 580, 585 will move to 581, 592 will cease.

February 2010
O Music, which was called Classic FM has changed frequency to 11262 V 27500 2/3

January 2010
Believe TV is a new Christian Channel 12560 V 27500 2/3 Sky 596
AIT Moviestar should be deleted as it has stopped broadcasting and been replaced with a undesirable channel

December 2009
We have added VOT Radio to our systems
Voice Of Truth 11223 V 27500 2/3 Sky 0205

November 2009
3 Christian Radio channels have moved to 11223 V 27500 2/3
TWR (Trans World Radio)
CC Radio (Calvary Chapel)
Family Radio

October 2009
Wonderful has moved to 11259 H 27500 2/3
Please be careful when retuning not to confuse with 11259 V 27500 2/3 which is Rev TV/ Genesis/Gospel TV

Film 24 now 11583 H27500 2/3
Travel channel + 1 now 11259 H 27500 2/3

August 2009
France 24 has moved to 11661 H 27500 2/3
Audi channel has stopped and now replaced by gambling channel

8 June 2009
Revelation TV and Genesis TV have announced that from Wed 17/06/2009
they will be broadcasting on a new frequency for both channels:-
11259 V 27500 2/3
We have made a 30sec video for this:
We hope to make “HOW TO” videos so you may change the settings on your satellite box

2 June 2009
Loveworld has move to 12643 H 27500 2/3
Please delete old Loveworld setting
Also we have been advised by Christians that Wine TV, Wedding +1 and Life TV all have bad content at times

3 Nov 2008
Channel 5 now Free To Air 10773 H 22000 5/6 Name 6335

1 Nov 2008
Some Christians have reported LIFE as being bad at night.
You may wish to remove this channel

27 Oct 2008
We have added two channels to our satellite boxes
BET [Black Entertainment Television] which we are told has some Christian content and
DBN Deyo Broadcasting Network which I am told is a new Christian channel

22 Oct 2008
WONDERFUL – now 12690 v 27500 2/3
Please remove old Wonderful channel on 11224 H as it has been taken over with some pornography

14 May 2008
OHTV doing test transmissions on 12523 H 27500 2/3
OHTV is Open Heaven TV and should be on air 19/5/2008
OHTV is a the new name for DOVE TV who we welcome back,
a much missed Christian channela

8 May 2008
Channel 4 now available
10729 V 22000 5/6 shows as 8350
still showing as 8350 on 14/5/2008 we suggest you rename channel

13 Mar 2008
BBC NEWS 24 has moved to a new transponder.
This should give a stronger signal for most viewers
Now 11954 H 27500 2/3

10 Mar 2008
Glory TV started 11424 V 27500 2/3 Sky 835
Excellent new Christian channel with lots of Indian content

3 Oct 2007
Faith 11544 H 27500 2/3 and
Angel (KICC) 11424 V 27500 2/3

3 Sept 2007
True Movies has moved to 11643 V 27500
Also moved to 11643 V 27500 – POP, POP+1, POP Girl and Tiny POP+1
All except POP are NEW CHILDREN’S Channels

Life has changed name to Life One and Frequency to 12561 V 27500

The old (empty) frequencies of True Movies have been used for Pornography and Psychic channels.

Click here for details of how to change channels on your box

30 June 2007
Daystar, Genesis, EWTN, BEN all on 12523 H 27500 2/3
Many of you are not getting these channels
reason: All Christian channels except two are on a different satellite from Sky channels
Sky is 28.2 degrees East of South and Christian is Eurobird at 28.5 degrees East of South
The problem is the transponder 12523 H which is less powerful than the others.
Moving the dish by .3 of a degree to the right or 1,000th of a revolution has cured it for most people.
Never attempt to touch the dish unless it is absolutely safe to do so.
We suggest you just touch the right edge with someone watching the TV
Remember this will only work if you are getting all other channels.

28 June 2007
Most BBC Radio channels have moved to 11954 H 27500 2/3

21 May 2007
Loveworld has moved to 11661 H 27500 2/3
Note: the sound was bad today (21/5/2007)
all seems out of phase and muffled
You cannot rectify this problem it has to be changed on the satellite

22 Jan 2007
on Tues 23/1/2007 pm it should start on the new frequency 11489 Vert 27500 2/3
You will need to make a new Transponder [TP] for this
Christian TV have used 11489 as some receivers cannot cope with Hor and Vert on same frequency
Actual Frequency is 11488
You will need to retune quickly as we are told the existing Revelation TV signal will be switched off on Friday 26th January 2007

17 Nov 2006
Sorry we had an error on Some BBC channels.
These were listed as 10757 H but should be 10772 H 22000 5/6
Our apologies effects BBC 1-4 and Childrens BBC

Please note since Wednesday Al Jazeera has been broadcasting News in English on 11681 V 27500 2/3

3 Nov 2006
GOD TV – MAJOR Changes
GOD TV and GOD UK remain on 11681 V 27500 2/3 but …….
The sound has changed and GOD TV logo boxes and some others now have Real Madrid Sound with God TV picture!     You will need to retune.
GOD 2, GOD UK and GOD Revival are all the same programme.
For over 4 years GOD TV have broadcast on two channels to the UK.
Today they turned one off and left GOD UK.   All Christian TV Satellite Receivers have always had both.
David Green always said “We will show both as some day one may be turned off”.
Today it was!, so just watch the No.2 channel and not the one before BBC News 24, which should be deleted.

With Revelation having changed we suggest this is the ideal time to have your box retuned by us.
Charge £29.95 for almost all Receivers or FREE for Support and Rental customers.

23 Oct 2006
WORD Network has reached us via Astra2
It has been on Hotbird for a while
11661 H 27500 2/3

17 Oct 2006
REVELATION TV moves to new frequency
12561 HOR 27500 2/3
PIDs V2313 A2314 P2312
channel name on first day was TV 1 – 12561 H
this should change shortly to Revelation TV
NOTE within 2 weeks Revelation’s existing broadcast will stop

Passion TV was showing a quiz/game show at 7pm using an 09 premium rate number.
We are disappointed to see this. You may wish to delete this channel.

20 Sept 2006
We note we have not told you
Extreme Sport is now a PAY only channel.
They will be sadly missed.
Sorry we did not inform you earlier

14 Sept 2006
Please do Partner with them to get them back
0208 538 0398
It could be as long as Spring 2007.
We Christian TV much appreciate the Worship
and Films provided by DOVE TV as well as excellent other Christian material
Please PRAY for their team and finances which they cannot ask for on Air.
You may join the mailing list and get updates on

4 Aug 2006
UCB Bible, Europe, Inspiration, Talk, EWTN and Family Radio [3] moved to 12523 V 27500 2/3
this also includes Classic FM
UCB will stay on old frequency until 13/8/2006
this is called dual illuminating
Life, Reality & Record are TV channels that have changed to 12523 V

31 July 2006
Euronews & Travel Channel have both moved to 12560 V 27500 2/3
This is a new transponder and several other channels are on this TP

26 July 2006
Cross Rhythms announces it is coming off satellite on 14th August 2006
We thank Cross Rhythms for excellent programming and are excited to
hear of two new Radio Stations, Plymouth and Teesdie plus

20 July 2006
Coming soon AJI [Al Jazeera] with International News in English
11681 V 27500 2/3
test transmissions still running 3/8/2006

5 July 2006
Teachers channel now 12032 H 27500 2/3

3 June 2006
Extreme Sports has become a Pay Only channel.
This excellent channel will be sadly missed.

9 May 2006
Premier launch Premier.TV and CRE Exhibition.
Unlike other Christian Television this is NOT on satellite but internet only.
This is the new Generation of Christian Television being Video On Demand
You choose what you wish to watch and when.
Why not give it a look right now click here www.Premier.TV

We, Christian TV will be working with Premier TV and others to bring Internet TV direct to the TV but WITHOUT a PC. More about that later.

5 May 2006
BBC changes frequency from 10773 H to 10757 H 22000 5/6
Channels affected are: BBC News 24, BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, CBeebies, CBBC Channel
and BBC 2 England.
BBC 1 London and NI (Northern Ireland) are still broadcasting on existing TP 10772 H.
This is called dual illuminating.

2 May 2006
ITV 4 now provides children’s programmes during the Day.
This is good news for the younger generation.
ITV4 and ITV2 plus ITV1 London, Granada and Anglia East have moved to 10759 V 22000 5/6
This is a new Transponder.

22 Apr 2006
BBC Parliament has moved to 11954 H 27500 2/3
Many Christians use this channel to keep up with what is going on in Government and as Prayer pointers.

7 Apr 2006
We can now confirm we have spoken to Passion TV who say the channel is Afro Caribbean aimed at Education and Christianity.
We are delighted to retract our earlier comments that the channel may not be good.
Passion is re Passion of Jesus Christ.

4 Apr 2006
Some Christians are asking for Passion TV
An African church and African Church SOAP
also there are 30 min showings of Gospel Music from time to time
Passion 11258 V 27500 2/3

3 Apr 2006
New Music Channel R Music TV
Christian and other non Christian Music
Ideal for young people
Channel Details 12523 HOR 27500 2/3

27 Mar 2006
Premier has now moved to 11305 Hor 27500 2/3

2 Mar 2006
New Transponder 12523 HOR 27500 2/3 carries the following channels
You will need to delete old channel
Make a New TP [Add a TP] then do advanced search to pull down these changed channels.

Blind search will also do this for those who have the facility.

28 Feb 2006
Praise God, the Christian Channels on non Sky boxes have not changed.
Most new Sky numbers can now be found here on this site.

Majestic TV removed from our listings as had Psychic programming.

Calvary Chapel have now renamed themselves CC Radio.

8 Feb 2006
Dove Vision has just changed to 11223 Vertical 27500 2/3
This is a change of transponder and you will have to delete the old Dove first
then do advanced or manual search on 11223 V 27500 2/3
Other good news from DOVE is that the game type show in afternoons is scheduled to end by March
Like Revelation, Dove cannot appeal to UK for money so if you can help either of these excellent stations please do so.

5 Jan 2006
ITV News has been withdrawn according to a trade source from Satellite, Sky and Freeview as it was losing money. We cannot get any information from ITV Web site which does not mention the fact it is not broadcasting.
ITV News will be sadly missed as in the opinion of Christian TV it was the best news channel.

Dec 2005
Sky News on 12207 V 27500 2/3 will need retuning as the PIDs have changed.

2 Nov 2005
ITV 1,2,3,4 and ITV News are all now Free To Air on Satellite receivers
The great news is that unlike a Freeview box that only gets your local ITV

This is the news we have all been waiting for.

ITV CHANNELS are on these frequencies:
Symbol rate 22,000 and FEC 5/6
10714 H       10802 H    10757 V     10906 V  10832 H    10890 H
You may need to make new TPs on your box
We can talk you through this but there is a charge if you are not a SUPPORT or RENTAL customer.

1 Nov 2005
INI.TV Inspiration Channel now have a programme guide for viewers
It is concise, colourful, informative and FREE if you would like a regular copy then Click onto their web site at call them on 0845 40 20 424 local call rate applies or tell us and we will get them to send you one.

Mid Oct 2005
Premier Radio have changed to 12363 V 27500 2/3. Note this locks up on Samsung Boxes.

27 Sept 2005
GOSPEL TV FROM iCELAND comes to the UK on 11259 V 27500 2/3
Live show most nights at 9pm which sadly clashes with Revelation TV World in Focus which is excellent.

Aug 2005
EWTN sometime this summer have changed something and now no Humax Receiver seems capable of getting the TV Picture. Seems OK on all other boxes.

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