Channel Updates: Daystar (Part 1)

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From 17th May 2016 Daystar are broadcasting in HD only. Update files are available by calling the office on 01260 633 644.
We have options for SKY, FREESAT and CHRISTIAN TV viewers with a number of different Satellite Boxes and payment methods.

For our Triax HDS110 customers, there is an audio problem that Daystar have assured us they will amend. You can still hear the channel, go to Channel no 3, press Audio on remote control. Scroll down using CH- button to English. Press ok and then Exit. Until the problem is resolved you will need to do this every time you change to Daystar.

For those of you that have the TM5200 unfortunately you will no longer be able to watch Daystar on this box. We have options to upgrade available. If you are missing Daystar call David and he will be able to talk you through what we have available for you.

Some FREESAT viewers have lost both Daystar and Sonlife.  If you experience this we would like to hear from you so we can find a solution.

Sonlife is working fine for us on Christian TV, Sky and FreeSat HD

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