Christian TV Privacy Policy

Christian TV takes seriously the privacy of its customers and contacts, and takes appropriate measures to ensure that personal information is not passed to unauthorised third parties.

Christian TV

Christian TV is a mail order company operating in the United Kingdom, supplying satellite equipment specifically for the Christian community.

Christian TV is the trading name of Buxhall Enterprises Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 3332768). The registered office is at 3 Thames Close, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3RP, telephone no. 01260 633 644. Email: .

Christian TV is the data controller and processor for the purposes of personal information shared with Christian TV. This document explains how we use personal details held by us.

How we obtain personal information

We record the contact details of enquirers and prospective customers for the purpose of supplying further information of our goods and services by phone, post or email. Further information is added according to what is purchased from us: generally this is under a Care Contract.

The information is stored electronically on our ACT! Database and Sage Accounts software, available only to the staff of Christian TV. We never pass on personal details to unauthorised third parties, whether private individuals or companies.

What personal data we process:

  • Name and address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Details of goods and services provided
  • Payment records
  • Short notes on telephone calls or emails between ourselves and our customers to enable consistency of care by different staff members.

The Lawful basis for processing data

The lawful basis for processing data is Contract. Customer data is retained for the purpose of servicing those who have requested information or who have bought equipment from Christian TV and/or entered a Care Contract with us.

How we use Customer data

We use the data for customers who need on-going assistance with the maintenance of equipment bought from us, and updating of their satellite channels. Information on make and model of satellite receiver bought from us is retained and updated whenever appropriate, the model and serial number being necessary to provide telephone help to customers. Care Customers receive a courtesy call from Christian TV several times each year to ensure all is satisfactory with their equipment.

Sharing of Information

Christian TV will not share personal information we hold with any other organisation apart from those mentioned below). Information has never, and will never be sold for any reason whatsoever.

In order to install satellite equipment for our customers it is necessary to pass information to our UK satellite installers. The personal information given is limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Any relevant details pertaining to the installation, e.g. property type and position, any local government regulations regarding satellite dishes.

Equipment is despatched to customers via Royal Mail Parcel Force (name and address given) or Courier, currently Fedex (name, address and telephone number only disclosed). Basic information only is given in order to effect delivery.

Security of data

Christian TV staff training ensures that no personal data stored on the database is passed to any unauthorised third party. We keep personal information secure with appropriate security measures in place to attempt to protect against loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information. Our database is backed up to Dropbox, and never divulged to other contacts using Dropbox.

How long we keep data

Christian TV keeps information of customers who have purchased satellite receivers from us for the purpose of providing access passwords for receivers, updating channels, answering any queries or dealing with problems relating to their satellite equipment or television system. Many of our customers remain with us for many years.

Rights available

Rights of access: Christian TV recognises that customers whose data is retained by us have the right to access their record at any time to see what is held about them.

Right to rectification: Customers have the right to change details to their personal data held by Christian TV if required.

Right to erasure: Customers have the right of erasure should they no longer wish to deal with us, and Christian TV undertake to fulfil their request as quickly as possible, and certainly within one month from date of request.

Should you have any query about the information held about you, please email us as soon as possible , or telephone us on 01260 633 644.