All About Christian TV

Benefit from wonderful teaching, worship, conferences, Christian films, some children’s programmes and news from a Christian perspective. We give a personal service specialising in care for seniors and those who are non-technical, cutting out the bad and letting in the good as best we can. Our system includes 17 Christian channels. The main Christian Channels are: God TV, Revelation TV, TBN UK, Daystar (HD only), Hillsong, Inspiration, Sonlife, LoveWorld, Flow TV, Word, Gospel, Faith, Believe, KICC, EWTN, Glory TV, Olive TV and TWR Radio.

You will need a satellite dish which must be on a south facing wall, and not blocked by trees or tall buildings, and we will install it for you. If you have a communal Sky dish (28°E) in working order you only need our satellite box. Our installation is for one TV, but it can sometimes be extended to TVs in other rooms at extra cost.

The satellite system is an add-on so does not affect your existing system. Some people prefer to have the Christian TV system in another room to avoid disturbing other family members with different viewing choices. If your TV is 32 inch or larger we would advise you to have our high definition systems, which improves the picture quality even on non-high definition channels.

I would like to buy for a friend. For those who cannot get out and about there is probabaly no better long term gift to help them spiritually.

Ongoing costs: For those who buy out-right but wish Christian TV to update channels for you, there is a nominal cost of £40 per year. No cost if you update channels yourself.

To record: You can record to your existing recording equipment, or with our add-on plug-in recorder that works on the satellite remote control. It can record up to 8 different programmes, has pause TV but will only record the channel currently showing (i.e. you cannot watch on satellite channel and record another). Please make sure you understand this before ordering the recorder.

How to purchase: We prefer you to come with our Care Scheme, especially if you are non-technical. CARE provides cover for the satellite box and dish against failure; you get free telephone help, and a quarterly quality assurance call from us. We kep the Christian TV channels up to date, and – most importantly – provide a better sat box every 3 years for those on the Care Scheme. It also supports our media ministry and keeps us here to help you and others. You may also buy outright if you prefer that.

We hope we may look forward to your order. If you have any questions, please call us on 01260 633 644.

Care Packages

Satellite SystemNew HDReconditioned
Dish supplied if needed
Quarterly phone call to check all OK
Channels regularly updated
High Definition (HD)
Replace dish if it fails
Replace box if it fails
Free telephone support
OK for 32" and larger TV
New sat box after 3 years Care
Newer sat box after 3 years Care

Special Care Offer

2 years cover for 18 month price£395.00£228.20
Dish supplied if needed£97.50£59.90
Quarterly phone call to check all OK£17.50£9.90
Channels regularly updated£175.00£99.00

Outright Purchase

New HDReconditioned
Complete system£343.00Not available
Satellite box only£193.00Not available