• I can’t afford the system. What can you offer me?

    Please call our FREE phone 0500 618 180 to discuss the matter further. We will do our best to help and can sometimes get a grant toward the cost.

  • Do I need a TV licence?

    Yes.  The Law states that if you have the apparatus or equipment to receive, then you have to have a licence.

  • Will I get the same channels with FREEVIEW?

    NO. Freeview is a terrestrially based system, from a local mast via Digital Broadcast.  Christian TV channels are received via satellite 22,000 miles away !  You need a satellite receiver and a satellite dish (which can be a communal one) for these.

  • I don’t want or can’t have a dish. Can I still get the UK Christian TV channels?

    No, not from our system, Sky, or Freesat.

  • What is Freesat?

    A newer service than Sky with fewer channels on the system but all our free to watch. At Summer 2015 only 5 Christian Channels, Inspiration, Daystar, Revelation, GOD TV, Sonlife are on the their EPG (Electronic Program Guide).  Whereas our system has all 15 main Christian channels at the start of our list 01 -15

  • I am a real sports enthusiast – what can you do for me?

    Christian TV provides Christian channels and free-to-air channels.  Sadly the sports channels are pay channels. If you wish for Sky Sports you should contact Sky.  http://www.skysports.com/

  • Is it true that I don’t have any monthly payments on your system?

    Yes, if you choose the outright purchase, we supply you with the box, the dish and the full installation which is guaranteed for one year.  You own the system and receive the free-to-air channels, therefore there is nothing for you to pay after the initial installation. Alternatively our Care and Support scheme always covers your sat box and dish and a newer Satellite Receiver every 3 years, plus a phone call from Shane every 3 months to make sure your system is working fine and pray with you if you want that.

  • How can I be sure of good content on the channels?

    Apart from the Christian channels, you can’t be sure of good content, and also from time to time any channel may change the frequency, which means that where a good channel is being broadcast, you can suddenly find a not-so-good channel. (It is the satellite companies who dictate the frequencies: it has nothing to do with the broadcasters or us.)

  • Who chooses the channels on Christian TV?

    Revs. David & Jan Green, as co-founders of Christian TV and pastors, have chosen with advice given by staff of God TV and other Christian organisations, a number of channels to go on air. It is true that sometimes these channels can have undesirable content and should be turned off, but there is always the element of freedom of choice.  Other channels which potentially produce bad output all day long have been excluded from our list, also all Sky subscriber channels are excluded from our offering. We value the input we get from clients about the content of channels.

  • Can I get BBC 1,2,3,4 CBBC, Ceebies, BBC News 24, ITV1,2,3,4?

    YES since 1st November 2005 these are ALL FREE TO WATCH, called FTA Free To Air so surely now is the ideal time to order, especially as it includes all UK regions as well.