We now have a Care & Support Scheme to give extended warranty

Download care & support contract here

  • Many have asked for Extended Warranty
  • Others have aging boxes
  • While others have a new box and know their dish is getting past it
  • Still more need retunes to get all Christian Channels,
  • and regular news letter
  • Remember: buying from Christian TV funds grants for those who can’t afford it!

The ideal answer for total peace of mind for Christian TV viewers – a Care & Support scheme which we believe is second to none.

Almost all Extended Warranties give you nothing if you take good care of your item and it does not go wrong.

WELL AT CHRISTIAN TV we believe in doing it SCRIPTURALLY !

We feel that if you pay us there most be something good in it for you
So in addition to FREE RETUNE FREE repair/replacement of box and dish

Because technology moves on at a pace and all satellite boxes are computer controlled
having a NEW BOX every 4 years means… YOU NEVER GET OUT OF DATE
and when you upgrade it helps someone who cannot afford new to have a system.

So don’t delay fill in the form and send it in today
if you bought a box new within the last year make the start date one year from purchase date on your invoice.

Listed to the right in the menu, are instructions to retune or obtain new satellite channels. Click on box required. We only cover the most popular satellite boxes within the Christian community. Sky boxes are retuned automatically, we sell these too both new and used … Please call for details 01449 73 73 77

These instructions are to help you with your box, use them in addition to your satellite receiver manual.
We cannot guarantee they are correct and take no responsibility for any loss or problem. Do not use these instructions if you are unsure. We offer a retune service for those who are not technically minded.